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orange.GIF (1118 bytes)Why do I need a "special" resume?

Granted, your vast experience and record of accomplishment should speak for itself. However, there will come a time when someone is going to want to see your resume. Not only does your resume serve as a key marketing piece, but it should ALSO demonstrate your ability to consistently make profitable contributions. You are in the SALES field -- sell yourself!

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orange.GIF (1118 bytes)Why should I hire a specialized resume writing service?

That's a good question, but let me turn it around for a moment. Can you write a resume guaranteed to sell your many hard-earned achievements and capture the attention of employers? Moreover, do you have the time, energy and resume writing skill necessary to make a powerful presentation? Even if you are skilled in business presentations or possess excellent writing skills, you may still find it difficult to produce the the formatting and "voice" that will deliver results.

Our sales and marketing resume writing experience can help enhance your professional image through an impressive and assertive career marketing document.
We know how to
ideally capture the "resume speak," that tongue native only to professional resume writers whose skills are honed daily by mixing the verbiage necessary for top performing sales candidate.
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orange.GIF (1118 bytes)How do you gather the information necessary?

A personal telephone consultation is ideal, and will be necessary during some point of the resume writing process. However, many of our clients prefer to correspond via e-mail due to convenience and time constraints. We also use an individualized, extensive career development questionnaire which affords our sales professionals the time necessary to consider the questions and formulate the thorough answers we need.

Our clients are frequently amazed over how much they learn about themselves and their career objectives during this important process. Though it requires some work from you, this questionnaire is an integral part of the process in helping us fully understand your career progression. (Yes, we are the writers, but we do need the information from which to work!)

Our personalized attention is part of what helps our sales resumes work. Each sales and marketing resume is tailored to specifically meet your needs. We take a great deal of time customizing a resume that highlights YOUR unique strengths and accomplishments. We are entirely committed to providing exceptional customized resumes.
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orange.GIF (1118 bytes)How much do you charge for resume writing services?

Sales and marketing resume writing fees include a full review of your background and credentials, career objectives and any career marketing materials you may have in addition to composition, layout and design. Depending on your area of expertise and complexity of material, fees begin at $250.00. Turning your resume writing needs over to us will assure you of a powerful career marketing document and will give you the time necessary to focus on job searching and networking.

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orange.GIF (1118 bytes)Do you specialize in certain industries?

Industries served include: Industries written for include
- Entrepreneurs, Insurance Specialties, Education, Engineering, Environmental Services, Pharmaceuticals, Human Resources, Health Care Services, Financial Services, Publishing, Hospitality & Service Occupations,  Information Technology, Logistics, Communications, Retail Management, Consulting.

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orange.GIF (1118 bytes)How do I get started with my professional resume package?

You start by contacting Kim Little at her toll free number, 877-263-7581  or sending an e-mail to Kim Little She will conduct a complimentary consultation and assessment to help determine the most effective career marketing materials to suit your situation. Once you've decided to proceed, payment (in the form of check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover) must be provided and a order form signed before work begins. You will then receive your customized career development questionnaire by your preferred method of fax, postal or e-mail. Once you've completed and returned the questionnaire, you can expect a draft copy within 7- 10 business days. Speedier service is sometimes available in an emergency situation (add $100.00 to quote for 48 hour turnaround), but we discourage working on such a tight schedule.

Phone support is available Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. EST. E-mail, however, is checked and responded to 7 days a week (unless otherwise noted). We try to remain as accessible as possible and are always willing to answer questions or offer support during your job search. Please call Kim today or fill out our CONTACT FORM to learn more about our firm's strong commitment to your successful career advancement.

Best of luck in your career endeavors!

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