Compare the two sample sections below...

Below is the "Before" content of a typical self-written sales resume. Believe me, I review them all day long and most read like this!
  • Met sales quota and increased sales.

  • Attended industry symposiums and meetings.

  • Negotiated and closed deals.

  • Helped launch new products.

Now, review the content for professional sales resume that was crafted after delving into the background of the client. By using active verbiage and well-written bullets  to outline both actions and results, the client sells himself MUCH more effectively, conveying true employment value.

Exceeded quota by 67% throughout tenure, consistently surpassing number of new customers expected annually by implementing aggressive sales penetration plans that included cold calling, web demonstrations, pre-qualified in-office demos.

Realized 25% of total sales by joining lecture circuit
on digital radiography and by presenting at three major symposiums.

Attained new revenue streams
by implementing standard procedure related to upgraded software subscription charges vs. prior “no charge” practice.

Championed launch of two major software additions,
subsequently adding one major service residual per month of approximately $250 per.

Now, in reviewing sales resumes, people also make the mistake of ONLY talking about increases. That is also a poor strategy because the reader has no idea HOW you generated those results and they won't take the time to figure it out.

Your resume has to demonstrate how you face challenges, attack your responsibilities and "make things happen." A list of duties just isn't going to send the same message.

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